About Us


The International Trade Department (ITD) strives to be a center of excellence in advancing the external trade interests for Swaziland both in the region and globally.


Identification and securing of external market opportunities and facilitation in their optimal exploitation by the people of Swaziland.


The International Trade Department of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Trade is charged with the responsibility to co-ordinate all external trade related matters for the Government and is also the focal point for the country’s trade relations with the rest of the world.

Core Functions

  • Serves as a focal point and coordinator for Swaziland’s external trade relations
  • Initiates and implements Swaziland’s external trade-related strategies
  • Serves at an appropriate level as a trade negotiator for Swaziland’s bilateral, regional and multilateral trade relations
  • Provides trade facilitation support to traders both exporting and importing in Swaziland
  • Provides information relating to external trade to the private sector, government, civil society as well as individuals undertaking research
  • Carries out research and analytical work on external trade policy related issues
  • Advocates for the market access opportunities for goods and services originating from Swaziland
  • Provides import-related support to charity organisations and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and other similar entities in the clearance duty-free, of donated goods into the country which are not for resale.